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A Cultural Awareness Foundation Workshop

This workshop will empower attendees by:

  • giving a real appreciation of what it's like to be an East and South-East Asian person in today's climate

  • increasing confidence to engage on issues of cultural diversity & inclusion

  • providing actionable strategies and workbooks on supporting the ESEA community

Recipes for Inclusion Workshops: Text
Working on Bean Bag Chairs


Core topics included in all workshops:

  • understanding terminology and longstanding historical context of anti-Asian sentiment

  • exploring tangible ways to support ESEA people

  • recommended further learning

D&I Basics: Understanding and Supporting Your Asian Friends and Consumers (A Cultural Sensitivity Workshop)

  • how to connect with your ESEA consumers 

  • culturally sensitive communication

  • how to have courageous conversations with your friends

Eventbrite tickets are available below: 

Thursday 10th February 12-1pm

Thursday 28th April 12-1pm

Thursday 21st July 12-1pm

Thursday 27th Oct 12-1pm


Creating Safety & Belonging for your Asian Employees and Colleagues

  • understanding the workplace experience for ESEA people

  • inclusion and leadership challenges in context of the Model Minority stereotype

  • supporting your employees D&I champions and ERGs

Eventbrite tickets are available below: 

Friday 11th February 12-1pm

Friday 29th April 12-1pm

Friday 22nd July 12-1pm

Friday 28th Oct 12-1pm

Recipes for Inclusion Workshops: Text

A few words from Lisa

I believe that one of the most powerful ways to live and breathe cultural diversity and inclusion is through compassionate education, empathy and cultural humility.

My workshops are always a safe space within which to ask questions.

Any questions? Would you like a bespoke workshop outside of the above dates? Click here to schedule a time to chat. 

Recipes for Inclusion Workshops: Text
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